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In a week-long series of meetings held in Iceland from June 5-9, 2023, the GEOTHERMICA and KMT initiatives brought together international partners to discuss potential collaborations in the field of geothermal energy. The meeting of the two consortia took place at the Hotel Kverna, located just outside Reykjavik in Skógar, offering a perfect setting for dialogue and exploration. 

The week commenced with the KMT group arriving in Reykjavik on June 6, followed by a comprehensive agenda starting on June 7. Participants delved into discussions on the future of geothermal energy and the KMT project’s role in advancing this renewable resource. 

A notable highlight of the meetings was a strategic session held on June 8, where both initiatives were presented to key stakeholders and funding agencies from the United States and Europe. The GEOTHERMICA Initiative, with partners from the US Department of Energy (DoE), Iceland (Rannis & OS), Ireland (GSI), the Netherlands (RVO), Germany (PtJ), and Switzerland (DETEC), seized the opportunity to introduce the KMT project to potential collaborators. 

The morning session allowed for an open dialogue on possible collaborations between GEOTHERMICA and KMT. While no funding commitments were expected at this early stage, the engagement and interest expressed by partners were considered a significant success. The dialogue aimed to lay the groundwork for future support and collaboration between the initiatives.