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Understanding magma

Understanding magma is central to interpreting the formation and evolution of the Earth and planets, reducing the risk of volcanic disasters, and maximise geothermal energy production.
Magma-Rock-Hydrothermal System Dynamics
At the heart of KMT’s mission lies the quest to decode the intricate interplay between magma, rocks, and hydrothermal systems. The Krafla caldera will be a global testbed for investigating the evolution of magma. Observations of ground deformation and temperature using monitoring equipment in boreholes, on the ground, and in space,  will provide the first direct measurement of mass and heat transport from magma in Earth’s crust. 
Ground Truthing of Observations, Signals, and Models
Through direct observation and rigorous ground truthing, we aim to enhance our ability to monitor and forecast volcanic events. By refining our interpretations and models of the signals monitored during volcanic unrest, we will develop new methods to improve early warning systems for volcanic eruptions, ultimately reducing the risks they pose.
Accessing Magma Energy and Fluids
Unlocking the potential of magmatic resources is a cornerstone of the KMT initiative. Exploration into the utilization of super-hot, magma, geothermal energy and fluids will revolutionize our energy landscape. By tapping into this tremendous resource, we strive to develop cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions.

Science Objectives

Guided by these overarching objectives, KMT has set forth a comprehensive roadmap to revolutionize our understanding of magma, geothermal energy, and volcanic systems. Our core goals encompass:

We aim to illuminate the dynamic transition zone and its evolution, revealing the processes that shape the interface between magma, rock, and hydrothermal fluids.


KMT-I and KMT-II are our visionary well projects. These wells will provide unprecedented access to magma and its surrounding environment, enabling continuous monitoring and data collection.


In the face of extreme conditions, we pioneer the development and testing of cutting-edge materials, sensors, and technologies, propelling scientific exploration to new frontiers.


Through KMT, we aim to create innovative pathways for harnessing energy from magma. By refining energy extraction techniques, we open the door to a more sustainable energy future


Our experiments will deepen our understanding of how magma and fluids respond to geothermal exploration and utilization, shaping our approach to sustainable resource management.


Controlled experiments of the magma-rock-hydrothermal interface will directly determine the properties of magma and its response to geothermal exploration activity. This will transform our ability to constrain magma dynamics in the Earth.


KMT seeks to revolutionize monitoring techniques, allowing us to identify, locate, and characterize magma bodies with unprecedented precision.


By refining monitoring strategies and ground-truthing the interpretation of monitored datasets, we aim to develop more robust methods to provide more accurate and timely warnings for impending volcanic eruptions


In-situ sampling & monitoring.
Experimentation & system optimisation
Surface monitoring

Open access hub for scientific discovery

KMT serves as a hub for collaborative research, bringing together more than 20 renowned research institutions from around the world. Our shared goal is to generate knowledge that transcends borders and disciplines, contributing to the global scientific community's understanding of Earth's dynamic processes.
KMT upholds the value of open collaboration and transparent information sharing. This extends to our Intellectual Property Rights strategy, where copyrightable data will be exclusively licensed to KMT for open distribution, safeguarding intellectual property while enabling broad access to knowledge.

Forging scientific partnerships

KMT finds its strength in collaboration and stands at the intersection of a network of geoscience projects. Our mission to understand magma dynamics and explore new frontiers of geothermal energy generation is deeply linked with ongoing geoscience initiatives worldwide.