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Stay Informed with Our Media Content. Access our comprehensive communications pack to get a deeper understanding of the KMT project. Explore captivating images and visuals on Krafla and KMT activities


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Read about the world’s first magma observatory in Iceland. Read here


Delve into the details of this groundbreaking journey into the Earth’s molten core. Read here


KMT in the News

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Der isländische Vulkan Krafla, ein Bohrloch und die Geothermie. Read more


An insightful article on the groundbreaking magma observatory in Iceland. Read here


An exploration of the efforts to harness geothermal energy from volcanic magma. Read here


Eyewitness News discusses Iceland’s bold journey into the frontier of Earth’s crust.

Read here



Daily Sabah covers the preparations to drill deep into Iceland’s volcanoes.
Read here



Nature World News discusses the ambitious plan to create an underground magma observatory. Read here


Volcano Discovery provides an overview of the KMT Project’s innovative goals. Read here


Inside Science embarks on a quest to explore the mysteries of magma. Read here



SciencePost discusses the unique magma observatory within Krafla volcano. Read here


RTBF explores the upcoming fusion magma observatory in Iceland’s Krafla volcano. Read here


Discover insights from Claude Grandpey’s exploration of volcanoes and glaciers. Read here



In Icelandic news

,,Vilja setja mælitæki í kviku undir Kröflu”  Read here 


“Vilja setja mælitæki í kviku undir Kröflu” Read here


“Borað í bergkvikuna”   Read here


“Rannsóknamiðstöð í eldfjallafræðum við Kröflu”  Read here 


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A comprehensive overview of our endeavor.  Read here
Watch the AGU documentary showcasing our project.  Watch here

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Experience the power of magma in this engaging game.  Download here


Explore lessons on natural hazards from Iceland.  Access here


Discover the instructors behind the edX Prize-winning volcano course.  Read here


Dive into the innovative ways we’re making science exciting for the younger generation.  Read here


Gain insights into public perception of geothermal energy projects in Iceland.  Read here